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Company Title Schemes

A Company Title scheme exists where a company owns the entire building or site and common property. Occupiers have exclusive use of units/land and shared use of the common property. Each occupier becomes a member/shareholder of the company upon purchase of the unit/land. Each company drafts the Articles of Association, also known as a Constitution, which forms a contract between the company and its members/shareholders. The Constitution regulates the relationship between the company and its members/shareholders (subject to the Corporations Act 2001).


Company title management of a scheme is a specialised field. It can be a complex area that requires expert knowledge of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Australian Accounting Standards, and the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) protocol. Professional management is essential to ensure the effective running of company affairs and to minimise legal and financial risks.


Examples of Company Title schemes include:


  • Gated Communities

  • Hotels

  • Medical Precincts

  • Private Lake

  • Residential

  • Resorts


Insight Strata’s expertise in this field stems from many years in the strata industry managing these types of schemes. As Company Title specialists, qualified and registered accountants, we offer the following:


  • Comprehensive understanding of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and Company Constitutions

  • Thorough knowledge of Australian Accounting Standard requirements

  • Expertise in the day to day running of company title accounting functions

  • Year-End Accounts and Statutory reporting services

  • Company cash flow analysis actual and forecast including yearly Cash flow Income Statement

  • Company secretarial functions in accordance with the Board of Directors instructions

  • Experience in all Share transfer matters including Deed preparation in conjunction with lawyers

  • Attendance to all ASIC lodgement matters

  • Insurance arrangements

  • Preparation of notices and agendas for Board of Director meetings

  • AGM Agenda preparation